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Display of Marc Field 776

Have you ever wished you could find an easy way to connect different physical formats of an item? For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a link from a book to the audiobook version of an item? Well now you can!

With the release of Koha 17.11, the MARC 776 field now displays in bibliographic record.

To do this, you will first need to make the 776 fields viewable through your MARC frameworks. In particular, you will need to make the $t and $w fields viewable. If you aren’t familiar with how to edit a framework, take a look at this blog post: editing frameworks

Once the 776 fields are viewable, you just need to fill in the information! The $t field is for the title you want displayed (or whatever information you want to serve as the link), and the $w field requires the OCLC control number of the record you want to connect (001 field).

Your MARC record will look like this:

Notice the entry for Additional physical formats and the link.

Now just crosslink the items by repeating the process using the control number for the other item and voila! All set!

While this is intended for other physical forms, you could also use it to link a physical item to a digital item.

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