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Deep Dive: Serials Module in Koha

In this month's Deep Dive, Kelly and Jessie walkthrough using the Serials Module in Koha. Serials actions can be accessed by going to the ‘More’ menu at the top of your screen and choosing ‘Serials’ or by clicking ‘Serials’ on the main Koha staff client page. The Serials module in Koha is used for keeping track of journals, newspapers, and other items that come on a regular schedule.

Using Mana for Serial Subscriptions

The Mana knowledgebase is a way for the Koha community to share knowledge such as Serial Prediction Patterns. If you would like to integrate this with your Koha system you can follow the tutorials below.

Setting Up Mana

Using Mana for Serial Subscriptions

Claims for Late Serials

If an issue is late and you have not received it inadequate time, you can send a claim through the Serials Module. This tutorial, Serial Claims and Notices, will walk you through setting up and customizing the notice in the Tools Module in Koha.

Using the system preference ClaimsBccCopy, you can send a blind copy (BCC) to the logged-in Koha user when sending serial or acquisition claims notices.

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Serials

Looking for more? Check out Self Paced Learning in Koha: Serials.

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