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During a migration to Koha and when you add new items to an established Koha system, you have to create new item types, collection codes, and shelving locations. When you add a new item type, collection code, or shelving location to your Koha system you have to decide what the database back end code will be and the description both you and your patrons will see. Feel free to make those descriptions as full as possible! On the otherhand, although it can be tempting to make the database codes as descriptive as your full descriptions it is better to keep those codes short and sweet! Here are a few rules that I use when helping our partners create new item type code, collection codes, and shelving location codes.


1. Keep those codes at 10 characters or less

2. Alphanumeric, always - no special characters (& _ - /)

3. No spaces! Use 'EBOOK' instead of 'E BOOK'

Although this list of tips is short, it will ensure that your database is speaking properly to your staff client and OPAC. When we introduce incorrectly formatted codes to your system, searching is not as accurate and your patrons will not see the full benefits of your catalog.

If you have further questions about the codes you use feel free to reach out to your data specialist (if you are migrating) or your support to provide more information!

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