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Create Matching Profiles When Importing Records

This new enhancement allows libraries to create profiles to use while staging marc records for import. This profile will save the fields that are listed in this tool, comments, record type, character encoding, format, recording matching rule, action if matching record is found, action if no match is found, check for item embedded data, and how to process items.

Steps for creating a new profile

  1. Stage marc records

  2. Upload file

  3. If this is the first profile is created, the option of using a pre-existing profile is not available.

4. Choose the rest of the options as you would like to import this current file and save this as a profile.

5. Once you have named and saved the profile, then choose “Stage for Import”

6. From this point, it is business as usual!

Steps for Using a Saved Profile

1.Stage marc records

2.Upload file

3. Choose the profile that you had saved- the saved setting will then be filled in as was saved in the profile.

4. Choose to Stage your file, and again business as usual.

Steps for Deleting Existing Profiles

  1. Stage marc records

  2. Upload file

  3. Choose the profile, like you were going to use this profile, and then at the very bottom of the page, see that there is an option to remove the profile-with the name of the profile that was chosen.

Updating/Changing a Profile

After a profile has been applied during the Staging process, the values can be changed. If the values are changed in an existing profile, then this profile is saved - a popup will be presented:

Deleting a Profile

To delete a profile, during the staging process, apply the profile, and then choose Delete at the bottom of the page. An alert will appear to warn what this deletion will do:


A staff member will need to have the permission, stage MARC records into the reservoir (stage_marc_import) to be able to perform this function.


The profiles are being stored in their own table in Koha called, import_batch_profiles.

A simple SQL report:

select * from import_batch_profiles

will show all the values that are stored in this table and all the profiles that exist.

Note: These profiles are not browser-specific, any profile that is created in your Koha system, anyone with the correct permissions can see these profiles during the Staging process.

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