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Block Return of Lost Items

With Koha 17.11, there is a new System Preference called : blockreturnoflostitems allowing the library to choose whether to block the item that was marked lost as being allowed to be returned. This option behaves similar to the system preference for blocking the return of withdrawn items. To enable this feature, under system preferences, choose Circulation, then Checkin Policy, and choose Block for the item BlockReturnOfLostItems.

When an item is scanned for check in, staff will see a check in message stating “Item was lost, now found. Cannot check in. NOT CHECKED IN.” The item will stay on the patron’s account until it is either paid for, written off, or the status of the book is manually changed by staff.

If you choose not to enable this system preference, lost items will be checked in and put back into circulation with no notification that it was ever in a lost status.

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