Aspen Discovery Testing Plan

Below we have listed aspects of Aspen Discovery that you should fully test prior to releasing your Aspen Discovery layer to your patrons. This testing checklist assumes you have been trained on Aspen. If you do not understand what is meant by this checklist or you are confused, reach out to your support company for further training or with your questions.

The best way to ensure your Aspen Discovery layer is properly configured and ready to be advertised to your patrons is to test as much as possible! This will allow you to answer your patrons question and confirm that all of your connections to your ILS, enrichment resources, eContent vendors, and all of the amazing resources for your patrons are available.

Review the following actions for both physical items in your collection and all of your eContent source items.

  • Validation of holds and accounts using test patrons for ILS and all eContent sources
    • Place holds
    • View holds
    • Freeze and thaw holds
    • Cancel holds
    • Change hold pickup location
  • View Checkouts
  • Renew a checkout
  • View fines
  • Pay fines (where applicable)
  • Start and stop reading history for a patron
  • View reading history
  • Test searches through the normal interface
  • Test searches through the advanced searches
  • Limit searches by facets

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