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Adding a Link to the Last Patron Accessed in the Staff Client

In the 18.11 release of Koha, we have a new enhancement that allows you to link back to the last patron you accessed in the staff client. Bug [20312] introduces a link towards the last consulted patron. The new feature uses cookies to save this information. When a staff user accesses a patron record, the ID, name and card number of the patron will be saved in the cookie.

Setting it Up

The first thing you need to do is turn on the system preference.

  1. Go to Administration and Click on Global System Preferences
  2. Search for showLastPatron
  3. Change the drop down menu to Show a link to the last searched patron in the staff client.
  4. Click Save all Staff Client Preferences

Staff Client Integration

Once you search for a patron, bring up their account and then search again for another account, you will see the link for the last patron in the right corner of the screen.

  1. Search for a patron
  2. Bring up their account
  3. Perform normal activities
  4. Search for a new patron
  5. Notice a new link - last patron in the right corner

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