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Koha 21.11: OPAC and Public Services

New Features


[28180] Use a lightbox gallery to display the images on the detail pages in OPAC
Sponsored by Gerhard Sondermann Dialog e.K. (presseplus.de, presseshop.at, presseshop.ch)
This enhancement to the OPAC enables the display of multiple cover images on the detail page for a record or items in a gallery.



[15067] Add additional languages to advanced search language search
This enhancement adds Estonian, Inuktitut, Inupiaq, Latvian, and Lithuanian (along with their translations) to the list of languages in the advanced search for the OPAC and staff interface (Advanced search > More options > Language drop down list).
The list of languages is also now sorted in alphabetical order.

[24223] Convert OpacNav system preference to news block

[24224] Convert OpacNavBottom system preference to news block

Full post: Koha 21.11: A Change to News and OPAC Content

[26302] OPAC XSLT Results: List variable number of itemcallnumbers

This enhancement allows customizing the number of call numbers displayed for OPAC search results for items available and not available by changing two new system preferences:

-OPACResultsMaxItems: maximum number of available items displayed in search results (default = 1)
-OPACResultsMaxItemsUnavailable – maximum number of unavailable items displayed in search results (such as when checked out and damaged) (default = 0)

This is useful when records have a large number of items, for example larger libraries with many branches, union catalogues, and university libraries with course text books.

[27360] Libraries should be able to pick which branches display on the public ‘Libraries’ page
This patch adds a new field, Public to the definable library information. When enabled, the library details will be displayed in the libraries page on the OPAC.

[28101] Accessibility: OPAC – Breadcrumbs should be more accessible
Sponsored by Catalyst

[28142] Accessibility: OPAC Cart/basket checkboxes are not labelled

[28720] Update the process of adding a checkout note in the OPAC
This enhancement moves the entry of checkout notes for the OPAC into a modal window, with the goal of making note entry easier.

The “add note” button in the report a problem on the OPAC summary page will trigger a modal where a patron can submit or edit their message:
-The modal window contains text explaining that the note will be shown to staff when the item is checked in.
-The message about a successfully submitted message has text formatting added to improve clarity, and includes an edit link for changing a message.

Searching - Elasticsearch

[27848] Elasticsearch – include 245b subtitle and 245p part subfields in the default title index mappings
This enhancement adds the 245$b (subtitle) and 245$p (part name) subfields to the default title index mappings for Elasticsearch.

[28339] Elasticsearch – Add 8XX to default title-series index mappings (MARC21)
This enhancement adds the 8XX (800$t, 810$t, 811$t, and 830$a) subfields to the default title-series index mappings for Elasticsearch. Currently for MARC21 only 440$a and 490$a are included.

[28378] Elasticsearch – Add 264c to default copydate mappings (MARC21)
This enhancement adds 264$c to the default mapping for the copydate index when using Elasticsearch.

[28379] Elasticsearch – Add 710 to author-name-corporate index (MARC21)
This enhancement adds the 710 to the author-name-corporate index mappings for MARC21 in Elasticsearch.

[28381] Elasticsearch – Add 710 and 711 to default mappings for author index (MARC21)
This enhancement adds fields 710$a and 711$a to the default author index mapping when using Elasticsearch.

[28391] Elasticsearch – Add 264b to publisher index mapping (MARC21)

[28393] Elasticsearch – Add 050a to lc-call-number index mapping (MARC21)
This enhancement adds 050$a (Library of Congress classification number) to the lc-call-number index mapping when using Elasticsearch.

These means that when searching using lc-call-number both 050$a and 050$b (Library of Congress item number) are now searchable.

Searching - Zebra

[20463] Create an index for LDR, pos 19 – Multipart resource record level
Sponsored by Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ)
This adds a new Zebra index Multipart-resource-level or mrl for LDR, pos. 19 – multipart resource record level. It allows to search for sets and parts with independent and dependent title.

[28337] Add System-control-number index for authorities to MARC21 indexes

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