Koha Upgrades

19.11 Upgrade Webinars

19.11 Upgrade Webinars

We are trying something new for this upcoming round of upgrades!

The Education Team will be conducting two "What's New" webinars to highlight the newest and shiniest (fun) enhancements - those things that we think everyone should know about.

For features that aren't covered in "What's New" you will be able to review the changes in module-specific blog posts. These blog posts will include information about enhancements, features, and other changes that you need to know about. Any changes that are significant or that will impact existing workflows will have individual blog posts/tutorial videos.

We will be linking to all these module-specific blog posts at the end of this page, as well as the 19.11 Upgrade Note page.

About two weeks after the "What's New" webinars, we will be conducting two "19.11 Q&A" sessions. These "Q&A" sessions will allow you to ask your questions about details of specific features that we either highlighted in the "What's New" or in a blog post. We anticipate that during the time between the What's New and the Q&A, you will have reviewed the blog posts, and experimented with the changes on our demo site, which is set to 19.11 (demo site info is listed on bywatersolutions.com)

Some things are still the same!

We will still be recording both of the "What's New" webinars and our "Q&A" sessions, and those recordings will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and the 19.11 Upgrade Notes page.

Prior to the "What's New Webinar, we will share a link to an agenda with the Features and Enhancements that will be covering. Feel free to download it and follow along. Each agenda will also have handy links to each bug and also more resources for the upcoming 19.11 release.

We are always here to support your library using Koha! Feel free to reach out and ask your questions through Slack, submit a ticket, or join a webinar.

Since this is a new process, we will be extremely interested in your opinions about how the webinars prepared you for the upgrade and hope that you will complete the follow-up survey when you receive it. Our hope is that this will provide you and your staff with more flexibility to learn about only those features/changes that impact them. We are confident that we will be providing rich and informative content, and exceptional support for our 19.11 upgrade.

More 19.11 Resources

Important Links:

More Blog Posts can be found below!

All recorded Webinars will be stored on the 19.11 Upgrade Note page.

19.11 What's New Webinars

Register as soon as you know which session you would like to attend. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

You will need a headset, headphones, or speakers to hear the session, but microphones will be muted so you will not need one of those.

19.11 What's New Upgrade Webinar

Both What's New Webinars will cover the same content! Here is a link to the agenda on what we will be covering during these sessions.

Here is a link to the recorded "What's New Webinar" from 5/19:

And here's the link to the recorded "What's New Webinar" from 5/21:

19.11 Q&A Sessions

19.11 Q&A Session

When: Jun 4, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: 19.11 Questions & Answers

Register in advance for this webinar.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Here is a link to the first Q&A Session:

Check out our blog posts! We have separated out the 19.11 enhancements into modules and have included more details such as screenshots, blog posts, and tutorial videos!

OPAC & Public Services

19.11 OPAC and Public Services Updates

Patrons & Circulation

19.11 Patrons and Circulation Updates

Technical Services

19.11 Technical Services Updates

Administration & Reports

19.11 Admin and Reports Updates

Have a Question?

We are hosting two Q&A Sessions in June - to further prepare you for the upcoming 19.11 release. If you would like to send us any questions you have regarding 19.11 features, email us at:


All questions received will be answered during our Q&A Session and posted on our Q&A page.