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When patrons pay for a lost item, our staff change the Lost status of the item from "Lost" or "Long overdue Lost" to "Lost and Paid For." This helps make distinctions in reports and in other workflows.

With the advent of online payment options (PayPal), it adds what feels like extra work for us to hunt down these items and make this change.

In both cases it would be beneficial if paying for an item resulted in the item's Lost status being changed to a specified authorized value.


  1. Add a new syspref LostandPaidForValue to store the lost value that should be used for lost and paid for
  2. When a lost fee is paid in full an item will be moved to this lost status and marked as paid for
    Either add a new system preference "BlockReturnOfLostandPaidFor' or extend 'BlockReturnOfLost' to specify which statuses should be blocked
  3. Add another system preference "MarkItemsLostandpaidforOnWriteoff" to control behaviour when staff writes off a fine
  4. Add unit tests for all updated code

Expected Outcome

Automate the updating of the lost status once the item has been paid for.

Koha Community Enhancement in Bugzilla

Bug 22740 - Automatically change lost status when item is paid for

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