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Adding Page Breaks to Printable Notices in Koha

Koha generates and emails a file of printable overdue notices for those who don’t have email addresses. The problem is that this text file doesn’t have any page breaks so it can be a bit messy when trying to print. This tutorial video will walk you through using Find & […]

Coming Attractions: Koha Plugin System! 1

The Koha plugin system is a new long awaited feature that is likely to be in the 3.12 release of Koha! The plugin system gives Koha users the ability to add tools and reports to Koha that would be unlikely to become part of the integral community version of Koha! […]

Show your patrons the true value of your library! 1

Tell your patron’s how much they have saved by using the library! Here is an example checkout slip that uses jQuery to total the values of the item prices, and puts that total at the bottom of the slip. What’s Happening First, we are storing the price in the slip, […]

Posting News to patrons or staff!

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to get time sensitive information to your patrons or you staff. Once again Koha comes to your aid with a tool that can help you get this important information to patrons and staff alike. Let me walk you through using the […]

Adding the entry

Putting Item Information Into Notices 6

The text of notices in Koha can be customized through Tools > Notices. There are some fields in the notices in brackets <<like this>> that Koha can fill in automatically for you. The information in these fields can be specific to the patron, the library, or to the items that […]