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New in Koha 3.22: Advanced Item Type Management

So you have a list of Koha item types all worked out based on your circulation rules. However, you have discovered that there are some item types that are showing to the patrons and you would prefer that they don’t. There are three new enhancements arriving with Koha 3.22 to […]

Introduction to EBSCO Discovery Service in Koha

Integrating EBSCO Discovery Service in to Koha is as simple as installing the plugin and setting it up. This video will show you how EDS integrates right in to Koha to make searching simple. Keep an eye out for an upcoming introductory webinar from ByWater and EBSCO.

Searching in the staff client in Koha 3.18

This tutorial video will show the basics of searching in the Koha 3.18 staff client. It will show you both the advanced search and the item specific search which is new in Koha 3.18. To learn all about Koha 3.18 view the other videos in this series and make sure […]

“Did you mean?” in Koha 3.10

Koha 3.10 introduces a new ‘Did you mean?’ feature on the search results in the OPAC. This feature will pull from your authority file to show related searches for patrons. To set this up you will need administrative permissions in Koha and a thorough authorities file. This video will walk […]

A little bit about “Relevance” in Koha 3

To say that relevance ranking in Koha is a bit arcane is really putting it mildly; it’s a black-box that isn’t very easy to understand, even to the turbo nerds (like me). We get questions occasionally on the helpdesk about why this or that appears above (or below) others–how, exactly, […]

Wildcard Searching in Koha

What is the difference between a keyword search using the ‘*’ (asterisk) versus a keyword search using the ‘%’ (percent)? Both work in the catalog, but return different sets. Why? A wildcard is a character (*,?,%,.) that can be used to represent one or more characters in a word. Two […]

Search Groups in Koha 3.4

In Koha you can limit your search to one branch, but did you know that you can group branches together and search a group of branches? This tutorial will show you how to set up and use search groups in Koha 3.4. As always, if you have an idea for […]