OSCON: Community Management Workshop

My first session at OSCON this year was hosted by Jono Bacon on Community Management. We’ve seen a remarkable growth in community all over the world – people are getting together to make things, do things, hack, etc. Just this simple idea of peel getting together to make communities makes […]

OSCON Keynote: Start With Freedom

One of the keynotes on day 2 of OSCON really stuck with me. It was presented by Tom Preston-Werner at GitHub and was titled ‚ÄòStart With Freedom.’ Tom wanted to talk to us about decision making , a better way to make decisions by starting with your principles and then […]

OSCON: Non-Profit Organizations for FLOSS

In this session at OSCON last week, we had several speakers talking to us about Non-Profit Organizations for FLOSS Projects: There Is No Place Like Home. First up was Software in the Public Interest (SPI). SPI was founded in 1997 as a “fork‚Äù of the Open Source Institute. SPI provides […]

OSCON: “Good Enough” is Good Enough 2

The first session I attended on Day 2 of OSCON was “Good Enough‚Äù is Good Enough! with Alex Martelli. I can’t possibly to Alex justice in my notes below because he was an awesome and charismatic speaker, but I’ll try! Alex started by asking us if we should always strive […]

OSCON: Using Open Source in the Classroom Every Single Day

Jon Roberts of the Davis School District in Utah talked to us about Using Open Source in the Classroom Every Single Day. He used to be a hacker and now he’s a teacher. Kids today expect constant connectivity and Jon wanted to talk to us about how he works with […]

OSCON: 10 Secrets to Sustainable Open Source

This week I’m at OSCON learning all about open source software. Over the next week I’m going to share with you all some of my summaries of what I learned while here. Elizabeth Leddy gave the a talk that I attended entitled: Wish I Knew How to Quit You: 10 […]