Kohacon12 Hackfest Winner 2

The winner of this years Kohacon12 Hackfest is our very own Kyle Hall. Way to go Kyle!! The Kohacon Hackfests are held after the ‘traditional’ conference every year. It is a time for developers (and *anyone* with interest in Koha) to discuss new trends and technology. The schedule is loosely […]

Visit us at ALA : Booth #323

KohaCon12 Hackfest – Day 1

This first day of the KohaCon12 hackfest has been very productive. This morning started with a presentation by Chris Cormack on Template Toolkit and the new features and flexibility it brings over HTML::Template. He covered topics including plugins, filters and views. After lunch he also covered the Gerrit. Gerrit is […]

Kohacon12: Managing Koha Installs in Developing Countries

Olugbenga Adara with Projektlink Konsult Limited a Koha support company in Nigeria discussed how to manage Koha installs in a developing country. Developing countries face unique challenges due to lower level of industrialization and a generally low standard of living. Internet access and speed is much slower than what we […]

KohaCon12: Koha and SRU

Marcel de Rooy of Rijksmuseum presented on the subject of Koha and SRU. SRU stands for Search/Retrieval via URL. It is a standard that allows one to search a catalog and retrieve results using standard web technologies including XML for data presentation and CQL (Contextual Query Language) for creating searches. […]

KohaCon12: Koha Offline Circulation

ByWater’s own, Kyle Hall, was up next talking about the Koha Offline Circulation Tool. Kyle wrote the first offline circulation tool in 2006 and within the last year rewrote the whole thing to make it work with latest releases of Koha. With 3.8 we also have another offline circulation tool […]

KohaCon12: A Road Map to Improved Koha Governance

Bob Birchall of CALYX had some words to say about Koha governance, offering his road map to improve our community governance. What do we mean by Goverance? Governance concerns how a corporation or project is structured, directed and controlled for long term survival. Koha’s governance arrangements are open and informat. […]