KohaCon10: Promoting Free Software in Libraries 1

Donald Christie from Catalyst was up first after lunch to talk to us about celebrating, promoting and supporting free software in libraries. First up – Freedom. With free software we have the freedom to have new ideas, learn, share, remove arbitrary controls, collaborate, form communities and spread knowledge. Donald also […]

KohaCon10: Participation is Key 1

A presentation by our very own Nicole Engard. As Nicole was writing her last book, Practical Open Source Software for Libraries, she did a word cloud on the first few chapters. After “open”, “source” and “software”, the next largest word is “community”. What is the role of the community in […]

KohaCon10: Koha in Schools 1

Mark Osborne from Albany Senior High School, New Zealand’s first open source high school, was up next. Slides are already online at Prezi.com. At the high school, they pretty quickly found that there weren’t going to be any proprietary solutions that met their goals. Among those things were that the […]