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Multiple Columns in Koha’s Bootstrap Theme 1

Many of our partners have a table on their main page listing new titles in their collection. Tables, however, are not responsive and so that cause issues on mobile devices when they upgrade to the Bootstrap theme. Today I learned about a built-in function of Bootstrap that makes it easy […]

Show your patrons the true value of your library! 1

Tell your patron’s how much they have saved by using the library! Here is an example checkout slip that uses jQuery to total the values of the item prices, and puts that total at the bottom of the slip. What’s Happening First, we are storing the price in the slip, […]

Socially tapping into the catalog! 3

So your library has a social media presence but now you want to drive patrons to your catalog as well. Koha 3.8 now has a simple solution, introducing the “SocialNetworks‚Äù System preference. This new preference allows you to turn on a feature that will allow your patrons and your staff […]

Posting News to patrons or staff!

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to get time sensitive information to your patrons or you staff. Once again Koha comes to your aid with a tool that can help you get this important information to patrons and staff alike. Let me walk you through using the […]

Adding the entry

Customizing the More Searches Menu in Koha 2

One of the very fist developments that I put in to Koha was the ability to customize the ‘More Searches’ menu that appears to the right of each bib record in the OPAC. This tutorial will walk you through customizing the list of libraries in this menu. If you have […]

So you were wondering how to highlight “New Items?”

Here is a quick and easy way to highlight some of your new and interesting material. Simply copy and paste the following code into your website or wherever you wish to highlight these items. Then search in your catalog for the items you want to highlight. You will need to […]

Adding Facebook & Twitter Links to the OPAC

A while back I did a tutorial video on how to add Facebook links to the My Summary page in your Koha OPAC. We’ve had a few questions recently about this so I thought I should give you a written summary (so you can copy and paste from it) and […]