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Can’t Print Due Dates on Your Koha Slips? Here’s a Cure! 4

Can’t print due dates on your Koha slips? You’re not alone! Here’s what you can do now to cure this! Several partners have reported that after being upgraded to Koha 3.18.6 their slips are no longer showing due dates. Unfortunately, this is a bug: However, there IS a work-around […]

Scanners and Koha Search Forms

Barcode scanners are time savers! No doubt about it. Every once in a while we’ll hear from a Koha library with scanner issues. The basic issue is “A scanner will fail to scan in barcodes correctly”. Once you’ve determined that the scanner is plugged in (and to the right place) […]

Automatic updating of the Koha Offline Circulation borrowers file

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your Koha Offline Circulation patron data was always up to date? It can be done! Here I will show you a very simple way to do this! This tutorial assumes you will be running the offline circulation client on a computer running a […]

Automatic Renewal in Koha 3.18

This tutorial video will walk you through using the new automatic renewal feature in Koha 3.18. It will show how you can use it in circulation and how to set it to be an automatic process using your circulation and fine rules. To learn all about Koha 3.18 view the […]