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Updating Lost Statuses in Koha

There’s always something new to learn about Koha, and this week I learned about updating lost statuses. Depending on the way you edit an item to reflect a lost status, the item will/won’t be removed from the patron’s checkouts and the patron will/won’t be charged! When viewing a record’s detail […]

Using MarcEdit to Batch Modify Bib Records in Koha 3

Nick Clemens from the Quechee & Wilder Libraries (members of VOKAL) shared a great video with us on how he uses the MarcEdit Koha plugin to perform batch bibliographic record modifications and gave us permission to share that info with you all. Watch here

Guest Post: Getting MARC Records from Amazon [obsolete] 15

The following feature has been removed by Amazon. Today’s guest post was submitted by Jeremy Wellner at the Stanwood-Camano School District. I’ve gotten a process figured out to actually make Amazon give us a MARC record for us to import into Koha. 🙂 Grab evil hard to catalog item…. Visit […]

Free RDA Cataloging Training Guide 1

Marielle Veve, Metadata Librarian at University of North Florida, recently shared a free RDA Cataloging Training Guide via one of the mailing lists I subscribe to. I created this RDA manual for practical training purposes, is hosted in an institutional repository. It covers MARC cataloging for print books and e-books […]

Match Points versus Match Checks in Koha

Some of you may have played around with the record matching rules in Koha. (Administration->Record Matching Rules) These Record Matching rules are used when importing new batches of MARC records into your catalog. Lately, I’ve been asked to explain the difference between a ‘Match Point’ and a ‘Match Check’ in […]

Free Ebook MARC Records from Open Library 2

A few months ago I reminded you all about the free ebook MARC records available from Project Gutenberg. Today I found yet another source for free lendable ebooks records! The Open Library is an awesome project that I am always promoting, today while searching their site I found that we […]

OCLC Control Numbers and Koha 5

Many Koha users also use OCLC for cataloging. Recently OCLC has been sending out warnings to all of their subscribers of a major change in their numbering. That message reads: The OCLC Control Number is anticipated to reach one billion sometime after July 1, 2013. At that point, OCLC will […]