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Reporting Software Errors in Koha to ByWater

Software errors in Koha must be handled slightly differently than other trouble tickets submitted to support… in some ways, the errors are easier to deal with, because they typically give a pointer to the exact line in the program where the software failed, in other ways, they require more care […]

Hiding the checkin column in Koha circulation 2

Today’s guest post is from John Andrews at the Washoe Library System. In previous version of Koha, we used the script from the Koha wiki to remove the “return” column to the right of the “Renew” column on the Checkout page. After the upgrade, we attempted to update this script […]

TimeFormat System Preference & Koha 5

Oh the Humanity! (Please don’t change the TimeFormat system preference in Koha) Background The system preference ‘TimeFormat’ was added to Koha in version 3.14. This had a side effect of changing the way that the ‘description’ field in the fines table is formatted, which leads to duplicate fines. Why this […]

OPACBaseURL the most forgotten Koha system preference 3

As our partners know I have been pushing to get their Koha catalogs all upgrades to the new responsive theme as quickly as possible. One thing I did to find out what themes people were using was run a little query on all the sites we host: The idea was […]

When anti-spam measures go too far?

There’s been a recent event that has many systems administrators up in arms. No, I don’t mean Heartbleed. I’m talking about Yahoo and how they have broken pretty much every mailing list in existence. Some background: There are a number of techniques out there for combating SPAM. They range from […]

Setting up Receipt Printers on Ubuntu for Koha 1

Today a tutorial from one of our newest partners, Sean Park at the Coos County Libraries. A message came across our mailing list asking the following: We are new to Koha and ByWater, and everything is great so far. But we’ve have some trouble with our old receipt printers that […]

Reports Permission in Koha 3

A short while ago we got the following anonymous message via our contact form on the ByWater website: By allowing people to block which staff members are allowed to write reports you are limiting the customer service of your product. Please discuss this with anybody you sell your product to […]

Match Points versus Match Checks in Koha

Some of you may have played around with the record matching rules in Koha. (Administration->Record Matching Rules) These Record Matching rules are used when importing new batches of MARC records into your catalog. Lately, I’ve been asked to explain the difference between a ‘Match Point’ and a ‘Match Check’ in […]

Defining Circ & Fine Rules in Koha 3.10 14

I have been getting a lot of tickets lately related to circulation and fine rules, so I have put together a tutorial video to help you get your circulation and fine rules set properly. These rules define how your items are circulated, how/when fines are calculated and how holds are […]

Koha 3.10 New & Updated System Preferences

I’ve been training our ByWater partner libraries on what to expect with the release of Koha 3.10. After one of our training sessions a trainee asked me to take all of the system preferences that are new or changed and break them in to a list by module so that […]