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We are hiring in our FOLIO and Aspen Department

Our team is made up of a small and close knit group of technology specialists who work in a fast paced and family oriented environment that places a great deal of attention on quality of life and satisfaction with one's job. A FOLIO/Aspen Educator here at ByWater conducts educational meetings (occasionally onsite but mainly through webinars), meets new people from around the world, and is a leader in change management for new partners moving to FOLIO or Aspen (an Open Source LSP and Discovery system) from their current systems.

We are looking for someone who is empathetic, driven, and enthusiastic and can represent the open source community and ByWater Solutions. In addition to training new libraries on FOLIO/Aspen, you will work with members of the ByWater team to create additional training materials such as videos, webinars, tutorials, and blog posts. ByWater educators also support our current library partners via our support portal, providing customer support assistance by ways of a ticketing system and refresher webinars/videos.

If you enjoy a fast paced environment and can provide excellent service to our library partners, we want you to join our team.

Skills and Qualifications

This job might be for you if:

  • You enjoy talking to people, getting to know different libraries and have a desire to cater their training experience to fit their library's needs.
  • You love libraries and are familiar with how libraries work. An MLS degree is a bonus!
  • Enjoy helping libraries make more effective use of their tools.
  • You have a passion for learning. You love seeing the light bulb go off over their head when what they learned from your teaching finally clicks.
  • You communicate clearly. You write well. You speak eloquently. You are comfortable communicating on the phone, in person, on video, and in email.
  • You are comfortable in directing change management. You listen to concerns and are able to coach people through any resistance to change that they might be experiencing.
  • You want to work with developers and team members to brainstorm ways of making the tools more effective for libraries
  • You are motivated and fearless. You are able to come up with ideas and try them out and if the idea doesn't work you don't give up.
  • You are self directed and are able to effectively work from home (experience working from home is a plus) and manage your time and responsibilities (webinars, tickets, etc) along with being sufficient at planning and organizing travel arrangements.

This is an entry-level, full-time, telecommuting (permanent) position which requires working from home and some travel requirements. ByWater offers performance bonuses, 401k, medical, great pay, on the job skills training and the chance to work with a talented group of team members.

If this sounds like you send your resume and cover letter to

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