Koha ILS

Two Small Changes to Koha

Recently we have been upgrading Koha for our partners. Some of them have noticed two small template changes that actually have effected workflow and so I thought I should point them out to all of you so that when you upgrade you know what to look for.

The first of these is the ‘clear screen’ button on the checkout screen. There used to be a button that read ‘clear screen,’ but that has been changed for style reasons to an X in the top right of the checkout box. The functionality is the same, just the the look as changed.

You can learn more in the manual.

The other change is that the Z39.50 search button that used to appear to the right of the detail screen in the staff client has been moved. Clicking that button used to edit the record you were looking at by allowing you to search for a new record to overlay yours with. Since it in essence was an edit function, it has been moved under the ‘Edit’ button and relabeled ‘Replace Record via Z39.50’.

More can be found on this in the manual as well.

Always remember that Koha is an ever-growing, ever-changing ILS and as such small changes like these are made all of the time. If you can’t find something that used to be there always refer to the manual, the community or your support provider.

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