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Things to Like about Koha 3.2

Sharon Moreland from NEKLS has an awesome list of things she likes (as well as some general comments) about Koha 3.2 (which is in alpha right now). Her lists of likes is as follows:

  • [+] next to a patron search that lets you limit by library location and/or patron category
  • Holds waiting , item type in parens, so when you go to the holds shelf you know if you’re looking for movies or books! , good deal
  • Audio cues thanks to HTML5 , Owen just announced that and shared the git repo link on Twitter
  • Staff Client now has XSLT, which means that subfields in the 245 show up (or will when the bug is fixed) in the search results and details page.  No more guessing which Naruto or Go Diego Go book you want!

I’d add to her list a few things I like:

  • The new cart functionality in the staff client
  • The ability to add multiple items to a list from the search results in the staff client
  • The new arrow buttons to change hold priorities (before it was a pull down with numbers you had to pick from
  • The ability to change the ‘Search For This Title In’ box on the OPAC (one of my very first Koha patches)
  • The new system preferences editor is awesome!! So easy to use and you can alter multiple preferences at once – which you couldn’t do in 3.0


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