Koha ILS

The Koha Community is as Strong as Ever

With all the of the recent vendor news related to Koha, there seems to be an assumption that the members of the Koha Community are lost and in turmoil. I’m here to tell you that is just not the case!

Earlier this week we met for one of our monthly IRC meetings to discuss where we are with handing over the Koha assets to the Horowhenua Library Trust (HLT) for safe-keeping while we form an official Koha Foundation. The one outstanding issue is the ownership koha.org domain and the Koha trademark in the US. BibLibre in France has handed over the French Koha assets to HLT as they promised originally without charging for the transition. Unfortunately, with the purchase of LibLime by PTFS still in the works, we (the community) realized that we’d have to wait at least 3 months (maybe more) before we could expect to hear from PTFS their plans for the trademark and domain, so in an attempt to provide and up to date resource (since no one is updating koha.org anymore) for those interested in Koha (and those using Koha now) we have set up a new site koha-community.org.

How did we come up with that solution? We talked about it – we worked together- and we came to a decision. This is the true Koha Community – this is how we work together – no turmoil to be found.

So, while we’re in this stage of transition, please update your bookmarks – Koha information will be published at koha-community.org and the information found on koha.org should be considered out of date unless otherwise stated on koha-community.org.


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