Koha ILS

Updating Lost Statuses in Koha

There’s always something new to learn about Koha, and this week I learned about updating lost statuses. Depending on the way you edit an item to reflect a lost status, the item will/won’t be removed from the patron’s checkouts and the patron will/won’t be charged! When viewing a record’s detail page:

Items tab

In the record view, click on the Items tab on the left-hand side and edit the item’s lost status to be either “Lost”, “Lost and Paid For”, “Long Overdue (Lost)” or “Missing”. This will charge the patron the replacement price for the item and remove the item from the patron’s checkouts. If the item is checked back in, the patron will be refunded (assuming the RefundLostItemFeeOnReturn preference is set to “Refund”) and the item’s status will be changed.

Edit button -> Edit items (in drop-down)

In the record view, click on the Edit button at the top of the page and select “Edit items” from the drop-down. Then click on “Edit” on the left side of the item you’re wanting to modify and change the lost status to any one of the statuses mentioned above. This will not charge the patron and will not remove the item from the patron’s checkouts.

The following is a video Joy recorded to illustrate the above: http://screencast.com/t/fQX1Dp1mtth. And you might also find this guide by Nicole useful as well.