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KohaCon13: Open Source ERMs

David at KohaCon13ByWater Solution’s own David Noe took the stage to present on Electronic Resource Management (ERM) systems this morning at KohaCon13.

David started by telling us that his job is to fit square pegs in to round holes! He then talked to us about the traditional ILS and how it’s used to store data on Books & Other things. Our ILSes are built on a very old technology.

When David was at his last job 3/4 of their collection budget was spent on digital content.

So what is Electronic Resource Management? It is the management of acquisition, licensing, and access to subscription based or purchased electronic resources.

One of the bigger problems with ERM is the license – if the vendor goes under what happens to the data – to our access? We also have to think about access restrictions/rules. Can we share these resources via ILL?

ILS + ERM at KohaConWhere does Koha fit in this ecosystem? Do electronic resources belong in the ILS? David doesn’t think so.

So what open source ERM solutions are out there? CORAL, ERMes, CUFTS and Kuali OLE – and where can these fit in with Koha? David thinks GokB is the solution. The problem is that there is no open source link resolver available yet.

The question David is asking us all is how we can connect these and how we push data back and forth. Unfortunately David has more questions than answers so he opened it up to the room for answers and if you have comments you can add them here.

One library in the room spoke of how they’re leaving Koha because it doesn’t yet have a solution to this problem .. and like other speakers have said Koha needs to constantly grow and change and we might want to focus some efforts in this direction.

Galen spoke to us about how it’s sad that we have these tools as separate from the ILS (separate from Koha). He suggests that it might be worthwhile to look in to adding ERM functionality in to Koha. I’d add that we might be able to find some great code in the existing tools that are out there already instead of starting from scratch.

[credit: Written with Kyle Hall]

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