Koha ILS

Koha Development Funding Opportunities

We have some funding opportunities to enhance Koha which I have listed below. Each project is linked to the full descriptions on development website (devs.bywatersolutions.com). You can pledge any amount right from the website. Pledging an amount doesn’t mean we will invoice you. We will only invoice you once the development has been fully funded and all contracts have been signed.

In Cataloging:
1) Professional Cataloging Interface – $23,900 remains
2) Aggressive ISSN matching during import – $1,500 remains

In Circulation:
1) Removal of shelving location at checkin – $1,000 remains
2) Restrict holds based on circ limit – $2,000 remains
3) Automatically restrict patron’s account when guarantor/guarantee has a fine balance – $2,000 remains

In Holds:
1) Add hold count to ‘Holds’ tab – $1,000 remains
2) Disable the ability to suspend holds related to certain itemtypes – $3,000 remains
3) Restrict the number of holds placed by day – $3,500 remains
4) Restrict holds based on Koha’s circ limit – $2,000 remains

In Tools:
1) Changing SIP responses – $1,900 remains
2) Koha self-check module stand alone check-in – $2,000 remains
3) Koha self-check module highlighting – $1,000 remains

For Libki:
1) Assign operating hours – $1,500 remains

I also wanted to let you know of some coming soon developments. Soon Libki will have an automatic time extension, you will have the ability to change the number of items ordered from the basket along with the ability to override a fix loan period. Be on the look out soon for these new enhancements to Koha.