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New in Koha 3.22: Advanced Item Type Management

Item TypesSo you have a list of Koha item types all worked out based on your circulation rules. However, you have discovered that there are some item types that are showing to the patrons and you would prefer that they don’t. There are three new enhancements arriving with Koha 3.22 to help manage the way your item types display to patrons. First, is the ability to set a specific item type as hidden from the advanced search page in the public catalog. Second, is the ability to customize the item types that are visible to the patrons in the public catalog when placing a purchase suggestion.
Hiding an Item type

Hiding a specific item type form the advanced search no longer requires custom jQuery. Each item type now has a checkbox entitled “Hide in opac”. This will hide the item type from the advanced search page only. Items with the specified item type can still be found if the item type is not listed in the OpacHiddenItems systems preference.

Item Types and Purchase Suggestions

Item TypesNow lets say you want to provide your patrons with a customized list of item types for them on the purchase suggestion screen. There is a new authorized value “SUGGEST_FORMAT” that will be populated with all your item types. You can delete Item types from this list and they will then be removed from the dropdown that is displayed on the purchase suggestion page.

There is one significant warning I must pass on. If you delete an item type from this list and at some point in the future you want that item type to re-appear in the list you will need to manually re-add it. When doing this you will need to verify that you are using the item type code as the Koha authorized value. If you create a new authorized value that does not have a matching item type the item type will appear in the dropdown but will actually connect to any item type. The authorized value must match the item type code.

Combining Item Types into a single search group

Item TypesNow lets say you have a number of item types that are all similar but need to be broken down for some specific reason such as hourly reserve circulation. However, you want also want patrons to search for them as a group rather than individual item types.

There is a new Authorized Value category called item “ITEMTYPECAT”. First you will need to add a value to this category then move to the item types and there is a dropdown within each item type edit screen listing the categories. You will simply select the appropriate category and then the item type will no longer show individually but will so when searching the with the category selected.