ByWater Congratulates PTFS on the Purchase of LibLime

ByWater Solutions CEO, Brendan Gallagher says, “ByWater has worked with PTFS in the past and we look forward to collaborating with them again. ByWater is looking forward to future alliances between our two companies to achieve our common goal: widespread adoption of open source in libraries and supporting the open source standards of ‘releasing early releasing often.'”

As a past partner of PTFS, ByWater Solutions hopes that this acquisition will only benefit Koha and open source for libraries and hopes that this means that code previously promised to the community will finally be released for inclusion in the one and only truly open source Koha ILS.

PTFS employees have been involved in the Koha Foundation forming discussions and has promised to resolve community differences. We at ByWater Solutions hope that this means that PTFS will follow in BibLibre’s lead and donate their newly acquired Koha assets (the US trademark, Koha Software Foundation registration in the US and domain name) to the Horowhenua Library Trust (HLT). HLT is the group that the Koha community has decided should look out for the community and software’s best interest while a foundation is being formed.

One of the hallmarks of open source is working collaboratively, one of things that ByWater has been doing since its inception. In such a close knit community, it is necessary to work with those who have similar interests as you. It is for that reason that ByWater Solutions is excited to continue their work with PTFS on making the Koha ILS an even more amazing open source library solution.

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