Koha ILS

How to Attach a File to MARC Records in Koha Cataloging

This tutorial will cover using the upload.pl plugin to attach files to MARC records in Koha Cataloging.

MARC Bibliographic Framework

To enable the functionality,  you will want to add the upload.pl plugin to the 856$u subfield in one (or multiple) of your MARC frameworks. From the staff client walk through the following steps

  1. First go to Administration 
  2. Select MARC frameworks 
  3. Select Default framework structure (or the framework you would like)
  4. Tag 856 subfield structure
  5. Click on Edit subfields
  6. Scroll down to the constraints other options (choose one)
  7. Next to plugin, select the dropdown and select upload.pl  
  8. Click save changes

Koha Cataloging – Add MARC Record

Koha CatalogingOnce you are all set up your catalogers will see a plugin icon (tag editor) next to the 856$u . It will open up the upload and/or search window.

  1. Go into your Cataloging Module using the basic editor
  2. From the New Record Drop Down Menu, select the frame work you enabled the upload.pl plugin on (you can also use the Z39.50 server)
  3. Next, jump over to your 8 tab and select the tag editor to the right of the 856$u field
  4. This will open the upload or search box in a separate window



Uploading the File

In this window you can click browse to find a file and attach it, or you can search files you have uploaded previously using the search box (enter a % to see all files). From the search results you can choose which file to attach. Once the file is chosen it will appear as a link in the MARC record and on the detail display.

  1. Select choose file from the window
  2. Browse for your file
  3. Select the upload button
  4. Under the actions column, select the +Choose button
  5. Proceed to save your MARC record

If you are planning on uploading files to MARC records, please let ByWater Solutions or your Support Vendor know, as it will increase the server size. It could also affect performance if extremely large files are attached.