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Suspending Holds in Koha 3.8 ( A Pictorial )

The ability to suspend holds is a feature new to Koha. This post will illustrate how a suspended hold behaves in the holds queue. Let us start by adding five holds to an item. The third hold, by Lisa Charles, has been suspended without setting a date. This means the hold will be suspended indefinitely, and will only resume when a library or Lisa Charles resumes the hold manually.

In this next image, we see that the item has been returned, and the hold for Henry Acevedo has been set to waiting.

Now, the item has been checked out to Henry Acevedo.

Here we see the item has been returned and is now waiting for Ronnie Ballard.

At this point, the item has been checked out to Ronnie Ballard. This is the point at which things get interesting.

In this next image, the item has been returned. We would expect the returned item to fill the hold placed by Lisa Charles, but since her hold is suspended, she is skipped over and the hold for the next person in line, Eva Dillon, is used instead.

Here, the item has been issued to Eva Dillon. Lisa Charles is still first in line, but will continue to be ignored for the purpose of fulfilling holds.

That’s it! Patrons with suspended holds will continue to move up in priority as ‘lower’ priority holds are filled, but as long as those holds are suspended, they will be essentially ignored for the purpose of fulfilling hold requests. Under default settings, the next hold filled will always be the ‘lowest’ priority hold request that has not been suspended.