Koha How-To

Resource Rewind: December 2021

We put together a recap of our Koha news and educational content for the month of December case you missed anything!

Koha Question of the Week

Can you export MARC records based on customized criteria?

Through the tools module, staff can also export their Authority Records through the tool Export Data. Find out more on how this works in the blog post!

What's the Hold Ratio Report?

There are numerous different reports available in Koha. Learn what the Hold Ratio report is!

What does Browse Selected Records Do?

When doing a search in the staff client, the option "Browse Selected Records" may get lost in the sea of other options. We explain what that means and other great functions available.

Will Koha Update Patron Categories Automatically?

This week's question is, "We have a youth patron category can Koha update them to an Adult category when they reach a certain age?" Find the answer here.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts in Koha?

This week we have a question from a fan of shortcuts who would love tips and tricks on shortcuts in Koha.

Monday Minutes

Batch Remove Course Reserves

Kelly and Jessie show off a new button (or two) for users of the Course Reserve module.

Secure Passwords per Patron Category

Jessie and Kelly talk about a new feature sponsored by NorthEast Kansas Library System which will allow libraries to increase security in passwords by Patron Category.

Easy MARC Record Suppression

Jessie and Kelly walk through a new feature that will allow libraries to easily suppress a record with an authorized value of Yes/No when cataloging.

Adding Links to the OPAC

Kelly and Jessie show you how to add additional elements to the “More Searches” bar on the OPAC.

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