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Quick Tip: Resetting the Default Receipt Printer in Firefox

… or a great example of collaborating and sharing!

Recently, one of our partners updated their Firefox browser and then could no longer get it to default to the receipt printer they wanted. While we are not a support company for Firefox, they reached out to us for help. I loved the way we were able to help get this partner to the solution they needed. We made some suggestions, tried some things, and then ultimately, based on our suggestions, the Partner figured out their problem themselves! They then shared the results back to us, so I am sharing them here with you in case this ever happens at your library. I love this kind community problem-solving! Even though it was on a pretty small scale, it is much like how the Koha community works and why I love being a part of it!

In this particular case, after some trial-and-error, back-and-forth, and collaboration, this Partner finally came to following steps to get their default printer set up the way they wanted in the new version of Firefox. Here is what worked for them:

First, set up a page of making a print from the printer you want to be the default printer, so that it is ready to go back to being the default printer.

Second, type about:config in the location bar and press Enter. A list of preferences will appear.

Third, find the preference print_printer (Note: this preference is missing in Firefox profiles where you’ve never used the printer.)

Fourth, Right-click (context-click) that preference and select Reset. (Some users may need to reset all the printer_preferences for a particular printer, if resetting this one master preference doesn’t solve the problem.)

Fifth, restart Firefox and see if the problem is resolved. (Note: if you get the warning dialog, “Printing failed when starting the document,” and if the print_printer preference has no printer shown or is missing, you don’t have a printer selected or Firefox doesn’t know it is installed or on your system.)

Also note that in Firefox 5.0 and earlier versions, this preference was called print.print_printer.

I hope this can help you if you’re ever in this situation!

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