Koha How-To

OPACBaseURL the most forgotten Koha system preference

As our partners know I have been pushing to get their Koha catalogs all upgrades to the new responsive theme as quickly as possible. One thing I did to find out what themes people were using was run a little query on all the sites we host:

SELECT value
FROM systempreferences
WHERE variable in (‘opacthemes’,’OPACBaseURL’)

The idea was to get me the name of the theme they were using and their public catalog URL. What I found was that many sites haven’t filled in their OPACBaseURL system preference and several of those who did fill it in filled it in wrong.

The OPACBaseURL preference is one I have all my trainees write down to fill in once they’re live (or once they know what their new public catalog URL will be), but it looks like a few of our partners skipped that bit of their homework. This preference might look like nothing important, but it’s actually used in a lot of places in your Koha public catalog and staff client. Per the manual:

This preference is looking for the URL of your public catalog (OPAC). Once it is filled in Koha will use it to generate permanent links in your RSS feeds, for your social network share buttons and in your staff client when generating links to bib records in the OPAC.

Important: Do not include a trailing slash in the URL this will break links created using this URL. (example: www.google.com not www.google.com/)

Important: This must be filled in with the URL of your public catalog for RSS, unAPI, and search plugins to work.

Important: This must be filled in with the URL of your public catalog to show ‘OPAC View’ links from bib records in the staff client

So this post serves as your reminder to go check out your OPACBaseURL system preference and make sure it’s populated and populated correctly!