Monday Minutes: FailedLoginAttempts System Preference

Using the System Preference: failedloginattempts

System Preference

If a library would like to lock a patron's account after so many login attempts, the system preference, failedloginattempts, can be set. A numeric value can be entered into this system preference and after a patron has tried that many times to log into their account, they will be blocked.

Staff Interface

When this system preference is set and a patron has exceeded this number, a message will appear on the detail page of the patron's account indicating that their "Account is Locked". Staff can 'unlock' the patron's account by changing the password for the patron. This will unlock the account and allow the patron to be "reset" in login attempts to 0.

Another way the patron can 'unlock' their own account is if the library also has the system preference, OPACresetpassword, turned on. This system preference can give patrons the option to click a link from the OPAC, to reset their password. By clicking 'reset password', an email will be sent to the patron with a link to allow them to reset this password.

Recently, Koha has upgraded this system preference to allow for only certain patron categories to allow for resetting of passwords from the OPAC- which has been super helpful to special and academic libraries. Under each patron category, there is an option to allow for the patron category to follow the system preference or do something different.

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