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Monday Minutes: Cataloging Tips

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off some great Cataloging Tips


In the bibliographic record, what drives the material type in the record starts in the Leader, the 000 fields.

Using the pencil to the right of the field, a popup will appear with the information that is driving the value of the 000 fields.

In the image above, there is a side by side view of the editing portion of the Leader (000) and also the values that make up the leader. Each field in the editing portion of the 000 field will have drop down options to help catalog or edit the record when necessary.

For example, if a record is found to have the wrong material type, the 'Type of Record' is where the first step of changing this would happen. Once this has been changed, the other values will have different options that correlate with the new Type of Record chosen.

The next important cataloging field is the 008, Fixed Lenght Data Elements-General Information. This field is pulling some data from the 000 and creating more options to further catalog the Type of Record more in-depth.

Note: When Koha sorts by Publication Date or searches by Publication date, the year in the 008 is the one it will use.

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