Koha How-To

How to Email Newly Registered Patrons

This Koha tutorial is about the system preference: AutoEmailOpacUser.  Koha has over 600 system preferences, so many of the “smaller” system preferences can be overlooked at first glance.  However, sometimes the smaller ones make the biggest difference.  

The system preference : AutoEmailOpacUser : if set to “send” will email your new registered patrons a welcome email with their account details.  The template, ACCTDETAILS,  for this email is in the Tools Module – under the Notices and Slips.  The default email will send the new registered borrower their User Name and Password for their account.  This notice can be customized for your library to add more information if desired.  Note: this system preference if set to Send, will only send an email to a newly registered patron if the patron has an email address included. 

Here is an example of the ACCTDETAILS notice set up in the library – TOOLS- Notices and Slips :


Clicking to Edit will allow you to modify the notice to fit your library’s needs:

You can modify the notice to include other text.  


From this ACCTDETAILS notice- this is how the email looks when it was sent to a newly registered patron :

Hello  Dy-Anne Marie.

Your new Koha account details are:

User:  dyanne.marie

Password: 1234

If you have any problems or questions regarding your account, please contact your Koha Administrator.

Thank you,

Koha Administrator



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