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Koha 16.05 Upgrade Notes

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  • [8753] Add forgot password link to OPAC
  • [11622] Add ability to pay fees and fines from OPAC via PayPal
  • [5979] Add separate OPACISBD system preference
  • [6624] Allow Koha to use the new read API from OpenLibrary
  • [7594] Google Cover Javascript contains hardcoded CSS style
  • [13642] Adding new features for Dublin Core metadata
  • [13774] Add the unique anchors of news as links in the RSS for news in Opac
  • [13918] Add waiting expiration date to opac list of holds for user
  • [14305] Public way to look at the OPAC News of different branches
  • [14523] Google jackets being blocked when OPAC using HTTPS
  • [14582] OPAC detail shows an unuseful link to “add tag” when user is not logged in
  • [14658] Split PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerUnwantedField into two preferences for creating and editing
  • [14659] Allow patrons to enter card number and patron category on OPAC registration page
  • [15044] add suggestion’s date on Your purchase suggestions tab in OPAC
  • [15311] Let libraries set text to display when OpacMaintenance = on
  • [15574] Better wording for error message when adding tags
  • [16283] Make OPAC registration captcha case insensitive

Staff Client

  • [4941] Remove singleBranchMode system preference
    • The singleBranchMode system preference has been removed. Koha instance with multiple libraries will not longer be able to use single branch mode. Single branch mode will be automatically enabled for Koha instances with only one library configured.
  • [11280] Change Withdrawn toggle to drop down selection of authorized values
  • [12342] Patron registration datepicker dropdown shows only 10 years
  • [15008] Add custom HTML areas to circulation and reports home pages
  • [15413] Adding colons where they should appear in forms etc to be consistent
  • [15638] spelling mistake in ~/Koha/reserve/placerequest.pl:4: writen ==> written
  • [15640] Accessibility – ensure there are no titles on hover over the links (circ home page)
  • [16028] Remove redundant hold links
  • [16130] Show the item non-public note on the detail view


  • [9021] Add SMS via email as an alternative to SMS services via SMS::Send drivers
  • [10612] Add ability to delete patrons with batch patron deletion tool
  • [14686] New menu option and permission for file uploading
  • [15213] Fix tools sidebar to highlight Patron lists when in that module
  • [15414] Noisy warns when creating new layout for patron card creator
  • [15573] String and translatability fix to Patron Card Creator
  • [15824] ‘Done’ button is unclear on batch item modification and deletion
  • [15827] Unfriendly message when saving overdue notice/status triggers
  • [15828] Upload patron images is hard to read
  • [15829] Rotating Collections is under Patrons on Tools Home – Should be Catalog
  • [15830] Move Rotating Collections actions into a drop-down list
  • [16058] Add a button to delete an individual news item
  • [16077] Remove unused script and template card-print
  • [16139] Renaming ‘Unseen since’ column in Inventory/Stocktaking
  • [16193] Typo in Automatic item modifications by age
  • [16337] Remove the use of “onclick” from the stage MARC records template
  • [16360] Buttons wrap in Actions column for reviewing tags


  • [11023] Automatic item modification by age
  • [11084] Delete biblios on Leader 05 =d
  • [12670] Show materials label instead of code
  • [14168] enhance streaming cataloging to include youtube
  • [14199] Unify all organization code plugins
  • [15225] Make HTML5Media work with file upload feature
  • [15859] Move some basic MARC editor controls into settings menu
  • [15952] Moving cataloging search actions into a drop-down menu
  • [16205] MARC editor settings menu should use a Font Awesome icon


  • [9129] Add the ability to set the maximum fine for an item to its replacement price
  • [1983] Add option to create hold request when checking out an item already on loan
  • [11565] decreaseLoanHighHolds needs Override
  • [13592] Hold fee not being applied on placing a hold
  • [14395] Two different ways to calculate ‘No renewal before’ (days or hours)
  • [14577] Allow restriction of checkouts based on fines of guarantor/guarantee
  • [14753] Show accession date on checkin
  • [14945] Add the ability to store the last patron to return an item
  • [15471] Add column settings and filters to Holds queue table
  • [15564] Display “print slip” option when returning an item which is in a rotating collection
  • [15571] reserveforothers permission does not remove Search to hold button from patron account
  • [15675] Add issue_id column to accountlines and use it for updating fines
  • [15793] UX of circulation patron search with long lists of returned borrowers
  • [15821] Use Font Awesome icons in confirmation dialogs – Circulation
  • [16141] Making ‘Transfers to receive’ action a button


  • [9303] relative’s checkouts in the opac
  • [10468] Add pending holds to summary print
  • [11088] Patron entry page should use floating toolbar like cataloging interface
  • [12528] Enable staff to deny message setting access to patrons on the OPAC
  • [13931] Date of birth in patron search result and in autocomplete
  • [14406] When adding messages in patron account, only first name is shown in pull down
  • [14497] Add warning to patron details page if patron’s fines exceed noissuescharge
  • [14763] show patron’s age
  • [14834] Make membership_expiry cronjob more flexible
  • [14948] Display amounts right aligned in tables on patron pages
  • [15096] Export today’s checked in barcodes: Display warning if reading history is set to “never”
  • [15196] Order patrons on patron lists by name
  • [15206] Show patron’s age when filling date of birth in memberentry.pl
  • [15343] Allow patrons to choose their own password on self registration.
  • [15543] Use another notice in membership_expiry.pl
  • [16100] Buttons in patron toolbar are styled differently
  • [16120] Making action on patron search a button
  • [16182] Make phone number clickable to call
  • [16183] Add confirm message for deleting patron messages
  • [16234] Borrower account has an unnecessary link to ‘View item’
  • [16235] Making borrower account actions buttons
  • [16316] Make it possible to limit patron search to surname


  • [7683] statistic wizard: cataloging
  • [10154] Add collection, location, and callnumber filters to report for most circulated items
  • [11371] Add a new report : Orders by budget
  • [12544] Send scheduled reports as an attachment
  • [15321] Add delete report option to Show, Edit and Run screens
  • [15863] When creating a dictionary for date column, date range selection should be hidden if all dates is selected
  • [16161] Add confirm message when deleting dictionary definition
  • [16162] Making dictionary ‘Delete’ a font awesome button
  • [16163] Show message if there are no dictionary definitions
  • [16281] Remove the use of “onclick” from Reports module
  • [16359] Filter search box covers other elements on saved reports page
  • [16389] Reports row limit should change upon option selection


  • [12478] Elasticsearch support for Koha
  • [14277] Search index ‘lex’ does not honor MARC indicator “ind1”
  • [14332] Skip title articles on Opac using ind2 of tag 245 (MARC21 only)
  • [14899] Mapping configuration page for Elastic search
  • [15263] XSLT display fetches sysprefs for every result processed
  • [16363] Use floating toolbar on advanced search


  • [12375] Store serials enumeration data in separate fields
  • [16074] Making frequencies actions buttons
  • [16075] Making numbering patterns actions buttons
  • [16097] Making messages for subscription fields more user friendly
  • [16098] Making subscription fields actions buttons
  • [16099] Make name required field when creating subscription field
  • [16164] Making check expiration actions buttons

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