Grouped Work Facets

  • Grouped Work Facets refers to the facets listed on the side of a search page that enables users to define their searches further. Within grouped work facets you tell Aspen what you want displayed there, the order, and what that display should look like.
  • Grouped Work Facets live in the Configuration Templates dropdown within Account. You will find them listed beneath the Grouped Work Display Settings. Aspen Discovery comes populated with several grouped work facets profiles specific for library types - academic, consortia, public, schools.

  • To edit grouped work facets, click the 'edit' button on the far right. You will also see a 'history' button underneath. This shows any changes made to the grouped work facets. You also have the option to compare differences between grouped work facet profiles by clicking the checkbox next to those you are interested in and choosing 'compare' underneath the bottom of the list.
  • Inside the grouped work facets, you can choose what facets should display on the left-hand side of searches to enable patrons to further define searches. All the available facets are: Branch, Available At, Available?, Collection, Rating, Publication Year, Format, Format Category, E-Content Collection, Subjects, Topics, Audience, Movie Rating, Form, Author, Language, Translations, Genre, Era, Region, Reading Level, Literary Form, Lexile code, Lexile measure, Item Type, Added In The Last, LC Call Number, Awards, Detailed Location, LC Subject, Bisac Subject, AR Interest Level, AR Reading Level, AR Point Value, Fountas & Pinnell, Series, Publisher
  • You must have a Lexile subscription in order to see that data in your records and searches
  • To add a facet to the list, choose 'Add New' under the list of facets in your settings.
  • The order you sort the facets in the grouped work facets, is the order in which they will display on searches.

  • You can define the language your patrons see under display name. This defines what the facet is called in the searches.
  • 'Show above results' defines if that facet lives above the results or on the left-hand side of the results. Typically, format category and availability are good facets to display above the results.
  • If you choose the 'Multi Select?' box next to a facet, then a patron can choose two or more options within a facet. For example, if you have a subjects facet that allows multi select and patron could choose the 'Western' subject and the 'Horses' subject and find results for either. If you do not allow multi select and the patron still chose both 'Western' and 'Horses' underneath the subject facet they would only receive records that fulfilled both of those.
  • The 'can lock' option allows patrons to lock in their preferences for a facet so that choice is automatically chosen on future searches.
  • 'Collapse by default' when enabled forces the facets to initially displayed as collapsed.
  • 'User More Facet Popup' allows a popup to generate when a patron clicks 'more' to see all the options for that facet.
  • In order to define which branches receive your grouped work facets settings, make sure your Grouped Work Display Settings' Facet Group is set to the proper Grouped Work Facets.

More Information

See More information about facets.

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