Cataloging Testing

The following checklist will walk you through steps to test Cataloging in your new Koha system, each step includes a link to the most recent Koha manual and a tutorial video if one exists.

  • Add a new record to your catalog using the Z39.50 search. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • Search Z39.50 for a title you already have in your library and try to add it to your catalog. (Learn more)
  • If you have a MARC file from a book vendor or OCLC, import it in to Koha. (Learn more| Tutorial Video)
  • Add one item to a bib record in your system. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • Add multiple items to a record in your system using 'Add & duplicate' or 'Add multiple.' (Learn more)
  • Move an item from one bib record to another. (Learn more)
  • Search your system for duplicates and merge them together. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • Edit an item record and change the barcode. (Learn more)
  • Create a new record by duplicating an existing one. (Learn more)
  • Edit an item record by adding a public note to the record. (Learn more)
  • Use Batch Item Modification _ choose two or more items and edit them as a batch by changing their shelving location, collection code or home branch. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • Use Batch Item Deletion- choose two or more items and delete them as a batch. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • If you have an authority file, add a new record or edit a record and choose from your authority file to fill in the author and subject fields. (Learn more)
  • If you use authorities, add a new authority record. (Learn more)
  • Choose an item that you have circulated since starting your Koha testing and review its circulation history. (Learn more)
  • Review the cataloging frameworks that come with Koha. (Learn more)
  • Alter one of the frameworks by adding or deleting a field. (Learn more | Tutorial Video)
  • After altering a framework, run the Framework Test to make sure that all frameworks still work as expected. (Learn more)

If you have further questions on how to use Koha be sure to use your support provider’s ticketing system or the Koha mailing lists and chat room.

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