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Guest Post: Getting MARC Records from Amazon [obsolete]

The following feature has been removed by Amazon.

Today’s guest post was submitted by Jeremy Wellner at the Stanwood-Camano School District.

I’ve gotten a process figured out to actually make Amazon give us a MARC record for us to import into Koha. 🙂

  • Grab evil hard to catalog item….
  • Visit and scan in the ISBN
  • Click Export and it will download a file called azmarc.lfts
  • Go into your Koha Staff Client and pick Tools.
  • Pick Stage MARC for Import
  • Then you are going to click Choose File and locate that azmarc.lfts file we downloaded earlier.
  • Click Upload File and then scroll down further and click Stage For Import
  • After the record is staged, click on Manage Staged Records and finally Import This Batch Into the Catalog.
  • You’ll see the record number field populated below and voila! You’ve grabbed a record out of Amazon and put it into Koha! (Like this one! ).
  • Then it’s just a matter of going to that bib record and adding an item to it. Click on the record number (or right click and open a new tab with it), click on the New button and pick New Item.

It should also be noted that the online tool can have several items in it’s export file that can be imported into one batch.

This should also work great for textbooks as well!