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Adding auto control numbers (001) to the Advanced Cataloging Editor

Kelly and Jessie return for this video tutorial that walks you through setting up an auto control number (001) to the Advanced Cataloging Editor in Koha. The new feature in 18.11, thanks to the enhancement from [Bug 19263], provides a mechanism for an auto-incrementing local control number in the 001 field using the advanced cataloging editor.

Tutorial Video

Steps to set this feature up

  1. Go to Administration and Global System preferences.
  2. Search for EnableAdvancedCatalogingEditor. Make sure your system preference is set to Enable.
  3. Next go back to the Administration main page and click on the Authorized Values link.
  4. From the dropdown menu select the category CONTROL_NUM_SEQUENCE.
  5. Select the button +New Authorized Value for CONTROL_NUM_SEQUENCE.
    1. Authorized value should end in a number, though it can have numbers at the start. This is what will be entered to the 001 you create.
    2. Description is the label that will show in the editor, not terribly important unless you’re using multiple control number scheme.
  6. Click Save.

Using the Advanced Cataloging Editor

  • Go to Cataloging Module and click on the Advanced Editor Button.

  • create your 001 field in the advanced editor and now you will see the dropdown options for the new authorized value you created in the steps above.
  • finish updating your record and click save.

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