Acquisitions in Koha 3.8 8

This week’s tutorial is a bit longer than most, but pretty handy. This week we’ll cover a overview of acquisitions in Koha 3.8. I’ll go through several functions of Acquisitions with you all.

If you have an idea for a tutorial video I should do or that you have done yourself (or found on the web) that we should include in this series, just drop me a line and I’ll add it.

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8 thoughts on “Acquisitions in Koha 3.8

  • Shalom Chong

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve been using the demo site to do some testing on the acquisition module. And I faced some problems. On 05 April 2013, I used the demo for 3.8 and 3.10.
    My acquisition setting is create item record when placing an order.
    Under 3.8, the item details was not shown with/without the ACQ framework. I can only see the item label but the square box under it is blank.
    As for 3.10, the item details was shown even without the ACQ framework.
    Can you help to identify what’s wrong with the 3.8 setting?
    I can’t find the 3.8 demo today (6 April 2013). So, I can’t test it again.

  • Elam Kafolea

    Dear Nicole,
    I made a test on acquisitions the results matched with tutorials but I was a bit confused as where to get the vendor price from an empty record. Also do I have to check for availability of titles from vendor before filling in the fields?

    I really appreciated the video tutorials they helped alot



    • Nicole C. Engard

      The assumption in these videos is that you have already placed the order on the vendor site and are now entering the data in Koha. Koha does not communicate with your vendor. So, yes you have checked with the vendor to see if they have it and to get the price.

        • Nicole C. Engard Post author

          No. This version of Koha does not have EDI which communicates with the vendor. That won’t be in Koha until 3.14 and even then closing the basket won’t be the step you need to take. Watch for updates to Acquisitions via the Koha mailing list.

  • Elam Kafolea

    Another question, what is to be included in the item type. I watched your acquisitions tutorial and suggest to our administrator to include the list of item as the ones under your item type since none on the list matched ours but he refused.
    Can you give me a definite list on item types.

    • Nicole C. Engard Post author

      The list of item types is up to you. It should be a list of types of items you have in your library. There is no right or wrong list for this.