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So your library has a social media presence but now you want to drive patrons to your catalog as well. Koha 3.8 now has a simple solution, introducing the “SocialNetworks‚Äù System preference. This new preference allows you to turn on a feature that will allow your patrons and your staff members to link individual bibliographic records to their social media pages.

What do I need to do to start using this new feature?”

Thanks for asking! There are a couple of things that need to be set first. You must have “OPACBaseURL‚Äù set, then you simply need to enable the “SocialNetworks‚Äù system preference. After those preferences are set then a new option will appear on the detail display screen that allows the linking of the records through FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, and adding “a like‚Äù on Google+, as well as allowing a link to the record to be emailed.

What if we don’t have a social network presence as of yet?‚Äù

Don’t worry! This feature is not dependent upon your library having a social media page. This feature is here for those patrons and staff that are active in the social media realm. It simply allows those individuals to share their reading interests and link to your catalog.

So how can we use this feature if we have a social media presence?”

The first and most obvious answer is to post links to staff favorites. But here is an example of something a bit less obvious. If your library has a LinkedIn account, you could post links to job related resources within your catalog.

As we have seen, this is a great new feature that is simple to enable and could generate great rewards. I would enjoy hearing your success stories in the social media realm.

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3 thoughts on “Socially tapping into the catalog!

  • Allison

    Looking to be a new Koha implementation in the next 4-6 months. Noticed that the Manual guidelines for OPACBaseURL is lacking substance, at least for the newbie.

    • Nicole C. Engard


      Thanks for the comment. I will beef that section up in the manual. For now the basics you need to know is that the OPACbaseURL is used anywhere a link to the OPAC is generated. It tells Koha what to make your links look like. So in the case of social networks share buttons – it puts the OPACbaseURL (your public catalog’s URL) in the share link so that people can click it and come back to your catalog.