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Video Tutorial on Using the News Feature in Koha

In this Koha tutorial we will show you a short video on using the News feature in Koha.  There are three ways that the News Feature (found in the Tools module) can be used. The library can communicate information to the staff through the News feature.  The news will appear […]

Accidentally Delete a Report? These steps will show you how to recover it

In this Koha tutorial we will walk you through recovering a deleted report. Reports in Koha are a way to gather data. Reports are used to generate statistics, member lists, shelving lists, or any list of data in your database. First, you will want to make sure your system preference to […]

Batch Item Modifications in Koha 16.11

This tutorial video will show you how to do batch item modifications in Koha 16.11. Here are the steps:  From the Tools Menu Click Batch Item Modification From this screen, you can either download a barcode or item list to make edits or you can scan in the barcodes in […]

koha tutorial

Tools, Reports, and Administration in Koha 3.22

This recorded webinar will cover new features and enhancements in the 3.22 Koha upgrade for tools, reports, administration and system preferences. Koha 3.22 can take advantage of Plack to run faster than ever, here is link to read more. Some of the highlights from this session include custom sound notifications […]

Can’t Print Due Dates on Your Koha Slips? Here’s a Cure! 4

Can’t print due dates on your Koha slips? You’re not alone! Here’s what you can do now to cure this! Several partners have reported that after being upgraded to Koha 3.18.6 their slips are no longer showing due dates. Unfortunately, this is a bug: However, there IS a work-around […]

Mobile Apps for Doing Inventory in Koha 2

When training on the Koha inventory tool last week I mentioned my “easy way” to do inventory. It’s the way I’ve been training people to do inventory for years now. I recommend plugging your barcode scanner in to a laptop, putting the laptop on a book cart and rolling it […]