systems tutorial

Automatic updating of the Koha Offline Circulation borrowers file

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your Koha Offline Circulation patron data was always up to date? It can be done! Here I will show you a very simple way to do this! This tutorial assumes you will be running the offline circulation client on a computer running a […]

How to prevent thrashing

Recently we had a library that was consistently thrashing (processes stacking up. i.e. opac-search, ysearch, opac-detail) at one point in the day, multiple days in a row. After a conference call with the library we discovered that most of their computers were run from a computer image where the browsers […]

Losing Weight in Koha 2

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to think about losing some weight. I’m talking about Koha, and specifically your Koha database. I’m going to talk briefly about why it’s important to keep your Koha database as lean and mean as possible. Currently Koha uses the MySQL database server. In […]

Reporting Software Errors in Koha to ByWater

Software errors in Koha must be handled slightly differently than other trouble tickets submitted to support… in some ways, the errors are easier to deal with, because they typically give a pointer to the exact line in the program where the software failed, in other ways, they require more care […]