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New in 17.05 – Setting When to Charge the Hold Fee

  One of the new enhancements in Koha 17.5 is the ability to decide when to charge patrons a fee for placing a hold. Previously, the hold fee could only be charged when the patron put a hold on an item. Now, you can choose to charge the patron for […]

Blocking automatic renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached

In this Koha tutorial we will talk about the new enhancement in the 17.05 release that adds the ability to block auto renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached. If your library is using the AutoRenewal feature (in the circulation and fine rules and cronjob) and a patron owes more than the […]

Searching in the OPAC by Language

Does your library have a collection of books or items that are in a foreign language?   Patrons can search for an item in your collection by language.  On the library’s OPAC under the advanced search option, there is a drop down of many languages your patron can choose from. […]

Koha Tutorial on Hiding Items from the OPAC

This koha tutorial will cover the basics of how to hide specific items from being visible in the OPAC.  Your library has the capability to hide specific shelving locations, item types, withdrawn items and collection codes.   There is a system preference called : opachiddenitems  which allows custom rules to […]