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Tools, Reports, and Administration in Koha 3.22

This recorded webinar will cover new features and enhancements in the 3.22 Koha upgrade for tools, reports, administration and system preferences. Koha 3.22 can take advantage of Plack to run faster than ever, here is link to read more. Some of the highlights from this session include custom sound notifications […]

Evidence based collection management in Koha

This week’s tutorial is brought to us from Spencer Smith at the Little Elm Public Library. From Spencer: This video will detail how I use evidence based collection management in Koha. In this video I am calculating turnover by shelving location. Eventually this data will all tie in to ordering […]

Using variables in Koha Reports 3

Today’s guest post comes from Christopher Brannon at Cooperative Information Network (CIN). Christopher asked us if there was a way to not have enter the date 2 times in a report like this one: SELECT ai.location AS ‘Shelf Location’, COUNT(ai.dateaccessioned) AS ‘Count’ FROM (SELECT dateaccessioned, homebranch, location, timestamp FROM items […]

Printing Lists the “Old Way” in Koha 3.14 1

I’ve been teaching our partners all about Koha 3.14 and one of the great upgrades that comes with 3.14 is a new interface for lists in the staff client. I happen to love this new look and feel, but a few of our partners noted that the new printable version […]

Reports Permission in Koha 3

A short while ago we got the following anonymous message via our contact form on the ByWater website: By allowing people to block which staff members are allowed to write reports you are limiting the customer service of your product. Please discuss this with anybody you sell your product to […]