public catalog tutorial

OPAC Self Registration and Forgot Password Enhancements

This tutorial video will show you OPAC Self Registration and Forgot Password Enhancements in Koha 16.05. Users can now reset their password from the OPAC and change their own password from self registration! Step by Step instructions for enabling self-registered patrons to change their password in Koha. Go to Administration System […]

Relative’s Checkouts Koha OPAC

This tutorial video will show you a few new enhancements including setting up visibility of relative’s checkouts in the Koha OPAC. There are 2 new system preferences that tie into this option, AllowStaffToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor and AllowPatronToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor. Now you have the option to allow your patrons to view their relative’s checkouts in the OPAC.     […]

Free Ebook MARC Records from Open Library 2

A few months ago I reminded you all about the free ebook MARC records available from Project Gutenberg. Today I found yet another source for free lendable ebooks records! The Open Library is an awesome project that I am always promoting, today while searching their site I found that we […]

Free Ebooks for your Koha Catalog 1

I know that I posted this last year, but so many new libraries have joined the Koha community recently, that I wanted to share with you all a way to get free ebook records for your catalogs. Did you know that Project Gutenberg has their own MARC exports (and other […]

Subscribing to RSS Feeds in Koha 3.10 5

I’ve previously posted a video on what RSS is for your patrons, but never showed your patrons how to subscribe to an RSS feed from Koha. This tutorial video will walk through how to subscribe to an RSS feed from the Koha catalog for your patrons. In the video I […]

Introduction to the Koha 3.10 Public Catalog 7

When migrating to Koha you want to introduce your patrons to your new OPAC. This tutorial video will walk your patrons through searching, placing a hold, logging in to their account and all the basics of using your new Koha OPAC. Like all videos for patrons this video points people […]

Suspending Holds in Your Koha 3.8 Catalog

Another video for your patrons! This one will show them how to suspend their holds in Koha 3.8. As always, if you have an idea for a video, please just let me know and I’ll add it to my list of things to record.

Free Ebook Records for your Catalog

A couple years ago (on my blog) I brought a private project that shared Project Gutenberg records to your attention. Well, yesterday I thought I would go out and see if they had any more records to share so I could put them in to my Koha ILS demo site […]