Open Source

Sharing information in the Koha community

One of the strongest parts of an open source community is the way that information is shared among its members. This happens in a number of different ways. We share information in mailing lists, on IRC, via bug reports and via the Koha wiki. When you’re first getting started, joining […]

Town Hall Meeting Consortiums using Koha

Please join the ByWater team on Tuesday, January 24th for a Town Hall Meeting on Consortiums using Koha! We want to hear about the areas you are particularly interested in, what things you really need, and what you wish Koha did. Additionally we would like to talk about the development cycle, how […]

The Magic of the Community: Koha Users

Going to the first ever Koha summit in CT, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it just going to have general information on functionality or would presenters get into specifics as to how the did things in Koha, was it just going to be current Koha users or would […]

Koha US User’s Group and Community 4

Last week I attended the Koha US User’s group meeting in Monterey CA and was amazed at this year’s focus on community involvement and participation. Christopher Brannon kicked off the meeting with a keynote discussing the future of Koha. He focused on the necessity of having the users involved in […]

Happy Birthday Debian!

On Aug 16, 2016, the Debian project is having its 23rd anniversary. The Debian Project was originally announced Aug 16, 1993. Debian was originally conceived and developed by Ian Murdock, while he was a student at Purdue University. The name is a combination of his name and that of his […]

OSCON: Community Management Workshop

My first session at OSCON this year was hosted by Jono Bacon on Community Management. We’ve seen a remarkable growth in community all over the world – people are getting together to make things, do things, hack, etc. Just this simple idea of peel getting together to make communities makes […]

Evaluating Koha as your next ILS 2

So, you’re just beginning to evaluate Koha.. for some that are in the beginning phase of investigating Koha this can be an unnecessarily slow process. I say unnecessarily because of the newbies inherent over thinking of “open source” and how they heard it can be “dangerous” because “the code is […]

Open Source is Alive and Well in NJ! 2

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to some wonderful library employees at the New Jersey Association of Library Assistants (NJALA) conference. My talk was entitled, “Thinking Openly: Open Source for Libraries” and was on open source (of course). It was met with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. […]