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Fancifying Electronic Resources in your Koha catalog 3

Would you like spiffy looking links for your electronic resources in your Koha public catalog? You’ve come to the right place! The first step, is to create a report to identify the 856$u fields in your records that you want to convert to prettier links. To do this, we need […]

Patron Management in the Koha 3.18 Public Catalog

This tutorial will walk you through some of the functions available to patrons via the public catalog in Koha 3.18. To learn all about Koha 3.18 view the other videos in this series and make sure to review the manual and the release notes.

Why Koha needs the OPACBaseURL

I had an odd ticket cross my desk today. Once I had determined the cause of the problem, I was frankly surprised I had not seen this issue before. But still, it’s odd enough, and easy enough to fix, that I thought I would share it. Basically the issue was […]

What I didn’t get to show at NAKUG ( covers that flow ) 28

I’ve been working on a plugin for CCFLS that I was planning to show at the Koha North American Users Group (NAKUG) meeting but didn’t get a chance to, so here it is! This is may take on a coverflow widget for Koha, implemented as a plugin! The title link […]

Multiple Columns in Koha’s Bootstrap Theme 1

Many of our partners have a table on their main page listing new titles in their collection. Tables, however, are not responsive and so that cause issues on mobile devices when they upgrade to the Bootstrap theme. Today I learned about a built-in function of Bootstrap that makes it easy […]

OPACBaseURL the most forgotten Koha system preference 3

As our partners know I have been pushing to get their Koha catalogs all upgrades to the new responsive theme as quickly as possible. One thing I did to find out what themes people were using was run a little query on all the sites we host: The idea was […]

Spring is in the air: Refreshing your Koha OPAC via handy plugins 1

After the long winter for some of us in the north and the ice down south, we are all waiting for spring to arrive. The time to open our windows and clear out the dust but what about your OPAC? Is it looking dull? Has it not weathered the winter? […]